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Advanced search


You don’t need special codes or heaps of knowledge to use the search system, but it has a search language that enables you to make very precise searches – in each individual field of a library item. A complete summary is shown at the bottom of the page.

The summary below distinguishes between single word searches and exact searches.

You can use single word searches for making standard searches. Enter each individual word in a string, truncate the words, combine several words or make a string search (i.e. the words have to appear in a specific order).

An exact search means that you have to indicate the entire content to get a result. Use this if you would like to deselect results that contain your search expression as well as unwanted words. If, for instance, you want to search for Lyngby as a subject, but don’t want books about Hans Lyngby Jepsen, you can search for lsubj:lyngby. This gives you fewer results than su:lyngby, which returns results about both the town Lyngby and the author Hans Lyngby Jepsen.

The search author_normalised:"andersen h c" therefore gives a completely different result than author_normalised:"andersen h c 1805". Both search sets are contained in au:"andersen h c", but the string author_normalised:(andersen\ h\ c*) contains all variations of Hans Christian Andersen with different dates of birth.

NOTE that for all specific searches in individual fields, you must use the exact character set (except for small/capital letters).



Author, single word search

au: Complete source code that describes author/origin, e.g.
F.eks. au:jung eller au:(c g jung)
author_descr: Author/origin, including illustrators, authors of forewords, etc. in title page form, e.g. author_descr:"dronning margrethe"
author_person: Author/origin – individuals, e.g. author_person:"niels bohr"
author_corporation: Author/origin – corporations, e.g. author_corporation:statsbiblioteket
author_main: Author as main entry word, e.g.  author_main:(leonard cohen)

Author, exact search


Author/origin – exact name, e.g. (author_normalised:"lévi strauss claude" OR author_normalised:"levi strauss claude")

In this case, the author appears in the database both with and without an accent.

Author/origin – truncated as a single word search. Blank characters are replaced by ? and the entire string is enclosed in round brackets.

Includes variations of the names Richter, c, Richter, Carl, Richter, Christoph, Richter, Conrad, etc.
Includes all variations of works by Hans Christian Andersen, e.g.  author_normalised:(andersen\ h\ c*)

Title, single word search

ti: Complete source codes for different types of titles: main titles, subtitles, parallel titles, titles of series and original titles, e.g. ti:bangkok
se: Titles of series, e.g. se:"ars antiqua"
rt: Relationship titles (periodicals), e.g. rt:(american journal hygiene)

Title, exact search

series_normalised: Titles of series, e.g. series_normalised:kontakt

Keyword, single word search

su: Keyword (complete source code). English keywords mainly in English titles, Danish keywords mainly in Danish titles, including individuals as a subject,"andersen h c"
subject_controlled: Controlled keywords, e.g.  subject_controlled:("1900-1910" grønland)
subject_other: Uncontrolled keywords, e.g. subject_other:Psychodiagnosis
subject_dk5: Subdivision of DK5, e.g. subject_dk5:langå

Keyword, exact search

lsubj: Keyword (complete source code), e.g. lsubj:moses (Only returns books about individuals whose full name is Moses).
su_dk: DBC keywords. Controlled Danish keywords, e.g. su_dk:"dansk grammatik"
su_lc: Library of Congress keywords, e.g. su_lc:"china economic conditions 2000-"
mesh: Medical subject headings. F.eks. mesh:"nursing" . Only returns books on basic nursing.
su_pe: Individuals as subject, e.g. su_pe:"andersen h c 1805-"
su_corp: Corporations as subject, e.g. su_corp:"world bank"
lsu_oai: Keywords in “oai” items, e.g. lsu_oai:"pressure water"




Publisher, e.g. pu:klematis
no: Notes, e.g. .no:Refereed

Year of publication

py: Year of publication, e.g. py:2000 or py:199? or py:20??


lang: The language of the publication  (use the official three-letter code for the language ISO 639-2/B:1998), eg. lang:swe
original_language: Original language, e.g. original_language:ita


numbers: ISBN, ISSN, recording label and number, and other numbers (complete source code), e.g. numbers:0883446782
standard_number: ISSN numbers. Without hyphens, e.g. standard_number:088344657X
issn: ISBN numbers (searchable as 10-digit or 13-digit numbers). Hyphens should be left out, e.g.. issn:00029122
isbn: ISBN-numre (søgbare både som 10-cifrede og 13-cifrede). Bindestregen skrives ikke. F.eks. isbn:9780387722481
id: Unique ID number, e.g. id:2471014


www: Web addresses in Marc items, e.g.

Classification code, single word search

cl: Classification code (complete source code), e.g. cl:53
dk: DK5, e.g. dk:"59 53"
lcc_kw: LC classification (Library of Congress), e.g. lcc_kw:"n7380"
ddc_kw: DDC – Dewey decimal classification – mainly English material, ddc_kw:"823.914"
kl: NLM classification (National Library of Medicine), kl:"am 17"

Classification code, exact search

lcl: Classification code (complete source code), e.g. lcl:"statsbiblioteket ku 401"
ldk5: DK5, e.g. ldk5:. ldk5:"76.495"
llcc: LC classification (Library of Congress), e.g. llcc:"ua23"
lddc: DDC – Dewey decimal classification – mainly English material, e.g. lddc:746.758
lnlm: NLM classification (National Library of Medicine), e.g. lnlm:"qs 517"
lkl: State Library’s local classification system, e.g. lkl:"statsbiblioteket sp t 2"
The local classification system of the departments, e.g. lkl:"teologi X 4 "
ludk: State Library’s local UDK classification marks in older material, e.g. ludk:"621 548"

Type of material

ma: Type of material according to the rules of practice, e.g. ma:bs (textbooks) or ma:pe ma:xe (online journals)
lma_long: Complete source codes for type of material


location: Code indicating the library that owns the material (e.g. State Library, Law, History, etc.). See the list. e.g. location:SB*


collection_normalised: Local collection code, e.g. collection_normalised:(u-dramm)

Shelf mark

l_call: Local shelf mark, e.g. l_call:1-99-0222


barcode: Barcode, e.g. barcode:400008128780
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Worth knowing


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