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Common errors


Errors in displaying the order list

Some users experience that they can’t see the content of their order list. The order list is only shown for a fraction of a second, after which you’re taken to the search page, which shows an empty search field and a comments field with the heading “Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements?”

Foreløbig har kun brugere der har brugt Internet Explorer oplevet problemet.

Proposed solutions

1.If you use McAfee antivirus, try deactivating the McAfee phishing filter. This may solve the problem.

2. Alternatively, if you use Internet Explorer, try going back to the standard browser settings. To do this

  • Open your IE browser
  • Choose Tools on the menu bar in the browser
  • Choose Internet Options
  • Choose the Advanced tab
  • Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click on Restore/Reset (this resets your browser settings to default)

If you use this method, you may lose some codes that Internet Explorer would otherwise remember for you and you’ll have to enter them again next time you get to a page that requires a login.

3. Another possible solution is to use a different browser when visiting the State and University Library, for example Firefox.
Download Firefox here

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Worth knowing

Spørg Statsbiblioteket

You can always ask a librarian for help if you can’t find the material you’re looking for.

  • Ask the State and University Library
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Worth knowing


Whenever your favourite journal introduces a new table of contents, you can be updated by e-mail via TDNet.

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