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Here are the steps to take if you need an article such as the one below.

Tara Zahra: Lost Children: Displacement, Family, and Nation in Postwar Europe. The Journal of Modern History, 81, March 2009, pp. 45–85

Click on the link below the search field on the front page of the State and University Library, called:
Journals and articles
Write the title of the journal in the search field "Journal of modern history"
You get the best and most exact search result by using quotation marks.
Click on the title
Journal of modern history -  e-journal
Here you see two entries covering different periods.
Entry: JSTOR Arts and Sciences I Collection 1929–2003
Entry: University of Chicago Press Journals June 1997–present
Choose the period that covers the relevant number
81, March 2009, p.45-86
Choose the entry:
University of Chicago Press Journals jun 1997-present
Click on the link
  • If you’re on the Aarhus University Campus, you go straight to e-journals.
  • If you’re outside the Aarhus University Campus, a new window opens, and here you log in using your CPR number and pin code. You then continue to the e-journal.

If you’re a student or employee at Aarhus University or Aarhus University Hospital, you have  home/remote access til to e-material.

Other users can search and order in

Find the relevant year, volume and number
Find the right year and volume in the list of years, volumes and numbers. Click on the link to get the table of contents so you can find the right title.
Choose the PDF file and print the article
45–: Lost Children: Displacement, Family, and Nation in Postwar Europe
By Tara Zahra
Citation-Full Test-PDF Version (155 kB)
Open the PDF file and print the article.
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