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Tips for ordering booklets or whole years

Here are the steps to take if you need a whole year of a journal such as the one below.

Lange, Jens: Det Nye Teater - belysningsanlæg og lyssætningi. I; Lampetten, 1985, Bind 20, Hæfte 1, sider 27-34

Guidelines Example
Click on the link below the search field on the front page of the State and University Library, called Journals and articles
Skriv tidsskriftets titel i søgefeltet "Lampetten"
You get the best and most exact search result by using quotation marks.
Write the title of the journal in the search field Lampetten -  tidsskrift
See under Holdings information to check whether the State and University Library has the required volume:
[1]-23, 1954-1988
Log in to order Click on log in in the top right corner and log in using your CPR number and pin code.
Add to order list and open it Click on Add to basket. Click on basket and "Log in before request".

Complete the order form with the following information

Enter your article data in the fields:

hele året
Årg. 6

Hele årgangen

A number of fields, volumes and pages have a green label. These are compulsory and must be completed. If you don’t have the information, enter “????”.

Not interested after Here you write the last date of interest, i.e. the date after which you no longer need the journal.
Point of collection Open the dropdown box and choose the State and University Library if you want to collect the material here – otherwise choose one of the other options.
Finish by clicking on Request The key is at the bottom of the window to the left. The article is being processed and you’ll receive an e-mail when it’s ready.
værd at vide

Worth knowing


Whenever your favourite journal introduces a new table of contents, you can be updated by e-mail via TDNet.

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