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Even better search results

April, 2012

We have now updated our search system at the State and University Library to comply with the most important input from the user survey we carried out in December–January. Read about the survey (in Danish only) here.

The user survey showed that improvements could be made to ranked lists of titles in a number of typical scenarios. We were able to observe that users often copy titles of books and articles from literature lists and paste them into the search field. Such a precise search should give a precise search result, and the relevance algorithm has therefore now been updated so that – in the majority of cases – the material being searched for appears at the top of the list.

Special characters – no problem!

Some of our users also experienced problems with the search engine when they entered certain special characters in their searches. We have rectified this as well, so that you can now enter colons, quotation marks, brackets and exclamation marks in the search field without experiencing technical problems.

We have also improved the ranked relevance list on a general level. If you search for two words, for example, the search engine now tends to rank the results higher where these two words are close together than results where they are far apart.

All in all, our in-house test searches show that the adjusted ranked relevance lists are now much improved.

As always, you are very welcome to send any comments via the feedback function in the right column of the search results.

We hope you will enjoy using the updated search engine.