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New and improved searches

During the summer holidays, the State and University Library prepared a new version of the search results that appear when you search for books, music, articles and all other material.

The new version mainly consists of a number of adjustments that will make the material we offer more accessible:

  • We are back to having only one search result and not a division between physical material and scientific articles. This was necessary for technical reasons for about six months. Naturally, there are still limitation options in the left column, based on topics, authors, types of material, etc.
  • The State and University Library is experimenting with showing user comments from Twitter in the right column, at the same time as referring to useful information and functions.
  • There are also a considerable number of minor improvements, most of which are details about displaying information.
    In the coming months, work will be carried out on implementing a clearer and more prioritised graphic look, as well as rectifying any technical problems that might be identified, of course.

We look forward to seeing how well the new search result is received by our users. Write a comment to Ask the State and University Library or use the ‘comment or suggestions’ field at the bottom of the search results.