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Denmark's new university library opens its doors

13 June 2012

Aarhus University and the State and University Library today launched the new Aarhus University Library, which unifies the university's previous twenty libraries, in close collaboration with the State and University Library.

The new arrangement means that the library staff will join forces to encourage knowledge-sharing across the university’s wide variety of academic environments. This will help develop the important services provided by the libraries to the university's researchers and students.
Aarhus University Library will be organised in six interdisciplinary academic communities around the modern university library's core services: Process and Archiving, Learning Commons, Research Support, Information Literacy, E-learning Support and Scholarly Publications.

"Our main focus will still be the basic and personal service offered to users, but the new organisation and the interdisciplinary communities will provide the library staff with a stronger platform for exchanging ideas and developing the libraries' services," says Ellen Knudsen, Head of Section at the State and University Library.

"The library staff at Aarhus University and the State and University Library offer excellent professional service, but have not had the opportunity to engage in knowledge-sharing and development across disciplinary boundaries. This will now change and will provide entirely new resources for the benefit of Aarhus University's researchers and students," says Per Lindblad, who has co-headed the combination project with Ellen Knudsen.

Both the Danish government and the European Research Council (ERC) have singled out interdisciplinary collaboration as part of the solution to global challenges such as climate change, energy supply and health. Aarhus University has been engaged in an academic development process to pave the way for better interdisciplinary collaboration for researchers and students, and the new Aarhus University Library will actively supporting these ambitions.

Further information

Ellen Knudsen,; tel.: +45 8946 2369
Per Lindblad Johansen,; tel.: +45 2622 4999