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Lending services

On January 1, 2017, the State and University Library in Aarhus and The Royal Library in Copenhagen merged. The institutions will be collectively known as the Royal Danish Library.

The Danish Loan Centre (ILL Service)

The policies for loans to libraries outside Denmark generally follow the procedures set out in the IFLA Principles and Guidelines for International Lending

The library lends materials to libraries in all countries for a loan period of 42 days within Scandinavia and 60 days for libraries outside Scandinavia. Renewals will be granted for 30 days if not needed by another user. All interlibrary loan transactions, including requests for photocopies are conducted library to library.


All Danish materials are available through interlibrary loan – except those materials restricted for Legal Deposit.


We accept requests by Danbib, Libris, Bibsys, OCLC, IFLA-requests, mail, e-mail and fax.


Within Scandinavia loans are for free and copies costs DKK 50.00 per copy.

If you request from us from outside Scandinavia we charge USD 10.00 for article copies and USD 20.00 for loans.

We accept IFLA vouchers: 1 full IFLA voucher per copy and 2 IFLA vouchers per loan.


For international shipments we use Priority Mail (Air Mail) from the Danish Postal Service.

Material Not Loaned

We do not lend complete periodical issues, reference books, rare items and audio-visual material which for copyright reasons cannot leave the library.

For specific needs regarding ILL and document delivery please contact us directly.

Contact information

ILL department
Phone +45 8946 2123
Fax +45 8946 2130


Royal Danish Library
Victor Albecks Vej 1
8000 Aarhus C