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Practical Data Management

The State and University Library will collaborate with KB, DTIC (DTU Library), SUB, RUB, The State Archives (DDA) and AUB on the project Data Management in Practice for a pe-riod of two years starting 1 March 2015. The project is a DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Re-search Library) project expected to conclude in an international expert assessment.


The project aims to meet the challenge of how to manage research data through the establish-ment of a number of practical services. Services for the support of every part of the data man-agement life cycle will be implemented in the project. The intention is that the project will address the action area widely. The services will include tools for training of researchers and the preparation of data management plans as well as the practical handling, gathering and preservation of research data. This will make it possible to gather, share, disseminate, further utilise, further expand, quote, check and preserve research data. Researchers will thereby be able to improve the visibility, credibility and, not least, the value of their research.

The project contributes to creating better access to research data and results for other research-ers, as well as for the business community and the public. This will strengthen research as well as the conversion of research into social innovation and added value. Experience from the Danish Data Archive shows that research data is reused when it is described comprehensively: Approx. 80 % of the studies in the DDA's collection have been retrieved one or more times, and the most popular data sets (election surveys) have been retrieved between 42 and 88 times.

The services will be established in collaboration with selected ongoing research projects and infrastructures distributed across several research-related main fields. In concrete terms, de-velopment will happen through a number of cases, each of which is to provide a solution in relation to a specific research group. Each case will be delegated to one or more project part-ner(s), and each case will have a main responsible party.
The overall objective is that the project will contribute to greater yields from Danish research results. The project is in complete compliance with DeIC and DEFF's draft for a National Strategy for Data Management, which is currently out for consultation. Furthermore, the pro-ject will guarantee close coordination with the national forum for research data management, the establishment of which is recommended in the strategy.

Project period: 1 March 2015 – 28 February 2017



Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik, IT Developer

Knud Aage Hansen, IT Developer

Jesper Boserup Thestrup, Communications Officer

Filip Kruse, Senior Adviser

Katrine Hofmann Gasser, IT Consultant

Bjarne Andersen, Director