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How to register

You must register as a user before you can borrow the material from the library.

The Health Insurance Card works as library card. 

You are personally responsible for the Health Insurance Card. If you loose the card you must inform the library.


Pin Code
When you have registered as a user you will receive an e-mail with your
pincode and a link which you have to activate.

The pin code is issued by the library. If you want to change the pin code you can use the link ”User Information”.

Your CPR-Number works as user identification.

No e-mail address?
If you don’t have an e-mail-address you must register at the Information Desk
of the library.

User Registration for Libraries and Institutions
Libraries, firms and institutions without a registration need to contact the library: 

Change of Address
If you want to change address, e-mail address or pin code you can use the link ”User Information”

If you want to change your user identification you can have it corrected at the Information Desk of the library or you can send an e-mail to

Foreign Citizens and Students
Foreign citizens can be registered as users when they have received a Danish CPR-Number.

Foreign students without a Danish CPR-Number must contact their institute at the university.

The Institute has to e-mail an acceptance to and the library will then issue a library card with name and address of the institute.

Even though you haven’t received a CPR-Number or haven’t  been registered as a student of the university you are welcome to use the material of the library in the Reading Room.