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Loans, fees and compensation


The material of the State and University Library must be returned within 30 days. You will receive a recall notice by e-mail after 30 days.

Material from the State and University Library’s own collections can be renewed if there are no other loaners in queue. You can make an unlimited number of renewals within a year. Renewals can be made online via the link Your loans.


Fees are charged for late return of material. You will be charged 25 kr. per title if the material is 7 days overdue. You can still renew the material but you have to pay a fee.

If the material is 30 days overdue an additional fee of 25 kr. per title will be charged and the matter will be forwarded as a question of compensation. 

In connection with the bill for compensation an additional fee of 200 kr. will be charged.


Users responsible for damage to or loss of library material will be required to pay compensation

If it is not possible to replace the library material you must pay an amount of money corresponding to the valuation of the lost material (the price is determined by the State and University Library) plus a fee (according to the Law of Library Activities, number 304).

If you owe the library more than 200 kr you will be excluded from borrowing material from the library until you have paid the bill.

You can pay compensation and fees to the Accounts Department of the library, weekdays 8 am – 3 pm.  If you prefer to pay via Netbank use reg. nr. 0216 account nr. 4069038514.. Give your full name and CPR-number if possible.

If the material is recovered The State and University Library will return the compensation money you have paid.

Fees will not be returned.

Employees at Aarhus University

Special rules for fees and delivery apply to employees at Aarhus University. The loan period is still 30 days after which the material must be returned or renewed via the web site. But employees have a longer period to return the material than the normal 7 days.