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National Shared Services

On January 1, 2017, the State an University Library in Aarhus and The Royal Library in Copenhagen merged. The institutions will be collectively known as the Royal Danish Library.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for the public libraries in Denmark. We have launched significant initiatives in the past couple of years, and have developed new types of services.

We have also launched a strategy known as Large-Scale Operation and Knowledge Centre. This strategy has three important focus areas: dialogue and collaboration; specialisation and job sharing; and visibility and marketing.

We assist the Danish public libraries in localising requested material, and we are a centre of competence as regards interlibrary loans – collaborating with libraries all over the world. Irrespective of the type of material or the locality, we make every effort to find a supplier.

Can only be found here

The Royal Danish Library is a legal deposit library and home to the National Media Archives and the National Newspaper Collection. Virtually all printed publications and a considerable number of twentieth-century Danish sound and picture recordings are also available here. Examples include all the Danish gramophone records, radio and TV broadcasts, commercials, and special collections with features such as dialect recordings and sound images of everyday events from the “old days”.

We receive copies of material that is only used to a limited extent by the Danish public libraries, thus providing an important function as a deposit library. This ensures that the public libraries have maximal access to low-demand material.

Articles – rapid and digital

An agreement with Copydan makes it possible for the public libraries to order articles from about 30,000 journals and have a copy sent by mail. The list of titles of journals covered by this agreement is managed by the State and University Library, Copydan and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. There is now a desire to extend the agreement so that delivery of all types of articles from all journals can be done digitally and delivered directly to the user’s mailbox.

For ethnic minorities

In close collaboration with the library sector, the Danish Library Centre for Integration plans a number of initiatives and projects aimed at developing service for and communication with this user group.

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