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Access to the collections

Cultural heritage means more than old castles and manor houses, or artefacts stored in museums. To us cultural heritage also includes aspects of history that took place 30 seconds ago – as documented in newspapers and on the radio, television and internet.

The cultural heritage collections of The Royal Danish Library in Aarhus (formerly State and University Library) are listed below:

  • Radio/TV collection: Danish radio and television from the mid-1980s onwards.
  • Danish Newspaper Collection: all the Danish newspapers from the mid-1600s onwards.
  • Danish Commercials: Danish cinema adverts from about 1955 to 1995, and all the adverts from the television channel TV2 in the period 1988-2005.
  • Music and sound: all Danish music publications and unique sound recordings such as speeches by famous men and women, dialects, and Denmark’s oldest sound recordings on wax cylinders.
  • Netarchive: the Danish part of the internet from July 2005 onwards.
  • Special collections: a range of collections, for instance timetables, funeral sermons, handwriting, old political documents and much more.

You can read, view or listen to all this material, except for the Netarchive, at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. You can also borrow some of the material or gain access to it online.