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Digital preservation

On January 1, 2017, the State and University Library in Aarhus and The Royal Library in Copenhagen merged. The institutions will be collectively known as the Royal Danish Library.

The State and University Library is one of the Danish cultural heritage institutions under the Danish Ministry of Culture. One of our tasks is collecting and storing both physical and digital material regarding Denmark’s cultural heritage. We collect and store digital material from a range of sources including Danish homepages and (since December 2005) digital radio and television. We have also digitised a range of audio and written collections. The digital material that has been collected and the digitised collections are all kept in the digital repository of the State and University Library, where we preserve them according to best practice with the aid of a variety of techniques and strategies.

At the State and University Library we store all the bits and bytes in the digital material as well as the logical understanding of this material, helping us to ensure that the digital data can be understood by the library users of the future. The digital storage of cultural heritage material is done by the library’s IT division in close collaboration with the National Library Devision. Our digital collections passed the one Petabyte limit a long time ago, and they are currently growing at the rate of approximately 300 Terabytes per year.

The State and University Library takes part in international collaboration on digital storage, including participation in the EU project SCAPE.

The library has developed both a policy and a strategy for how digital preservation is to be implemented: