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Being a national library

The job of a national library involves collecting, preserving and disseminating a country’s cultural heritage. In Denmark the national library is Royal Danish Library (a merger in 2017 of The Royal Library and the State and University Library). The task of being a national library is far more extensive and complicated than most people probably imagine.

The cultural heritage stored at Royal Danish Library in the Aarhus division does not only consist of books. Our collections also include newspapers, gramophone records, CDs, minor printed matters, radio and television, commercials and the Danish part of the internet. The task of looking after all these different collections and media grows every single day, as well as becoming increasingly complex as old media grow more fragile and new types of media are developed.

One point is dealing with the collections. But dealing with the knowledge and competences developed in connection with the role of being a national library is quite another matter. The Cultural Heritage and Media-department focuses on both analogue and digital storage of the collections, including the task of digitising the analogue collections. We also work hard on making the collections available on various platforms in user-friendly interfaces – preferably in cooperation with other parties.