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Digitisation of 32 million newspaper pages

On January 1, 2017, the State and University Library in Aarhus and The Royal Library in Copenhagen merged. The institutions will be collectively known as the Royal Danish Library.

The Danish State and University Library is in the midst of a major digitisation project involving about 32 million newspaper pages. These are newspapers from the State Newspaper Collection – a collection whose preservation is the national responsibility of the State and University Library.

The vision behind the digitisation project is to increase the use of the collection and make this important part of the Danish cultural heritage more easily available to the Danish people. By digitising these newspapers and making their content available online, the State and University Library is meeting the growing needs of its users for access to the Danish cultural heritage. At the same time, by digitising and disseminating the collection, and by making it easily available, the project is also a practical outcome of the library’s strategy (More digital – greater visibility – better navigation).

The digitising process will be based on microfilm - view a list of the newspapers selected as possible candidates for digitisation. Project planning is in full swing and a vendor, Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd, for the scanning, OCR and segmentation processes has been selected on the basis of an EU-tender.


The goal is to provide free online access to as many digitised newspapers as possible through the State and University's service Mediestream in consideration of copyright restrictions. Users will be able to freely search all digitised newspapers but it will only be possible to read the oldest newspapers online. Newer volumes will only be accessible for reading at the State and University Library, The Royal Library and The Danish Film Institute.

The design of the user interface for Mediestream Newspapers is ready, and the goal is to open the service by the spring of 2015.

Read about the project's background.


Follow the project (in Danish) and on, or contact for more information about the project.