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How do I borrow?

To borrow material from the State and University Library/Aarhus University Library, you need to perform three steps as described below. Please note that we assume you are already registered as a user at the library.

  1. To start with, you need to find the material you would like in our search system. If this involves e-material, you can get immediate access to the material provided if you have remote access or use the State and University Library or websites.
  2. If you require physical material, you can order it in the search system. Here you can choose where to pick up the material.
  3. Read more about pick-up locations.
    Please note: You can only order one copy of the same book (or CD, DVD, etc.). If you try to order/reserve more than one copy, the system will automatically cancel your order. You can always place several orders for copies of articles from journals.
  4. Finally, you need to wait until you receive an e-mail from us stating that the material is ready to be picked up at your chosen location.
    Read about when you can expect the material to be ready.