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Study environment

All library users are welcome to share our pleasant environment. As a student in Aarhus, you need peace and quiet for in-depth study, rooms for group work, access to knowledge from the whole world and delicious food. You can find all of the above at The Royal Danish Library - Aarhus.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, come to our reading room, where sound-absorbing carpets, comfortable chairs and wide desks create the right surroundings for you to absorb your curriculum.

When you need to discuss issues with fellow students, you can use our group rooms. You can book them in advance so you know that your group has a room where you can engage in dialogue and discuss your assignments and presentations.

When you get hungry, you can have lunch or a snack in the canteen. Here you can also buy fresh fruit and a cup of coffee when you’re in need of a short break. You can also take a break in our Café, where you can read the day’s papers.

Of course, you’re also within reach of all the books from Aarhus University Library.