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The Royal Danish Library. National loan centre, service provider and partner

One of The Royal Danish Library´s many task is to be the national superstructure for the Danish public libraries. The task involves the development and provision of services to support public libraries serving the citizens of Denmark. Digitally and with physical materials.

The Danish Loan Centre

As national library, the Royal Danish Library stores legal deposit materials. This covers all Danish books, periodicals, journals, newspapers and audio-visual media. The collections consists of copies for both conservation and borrowing. This is supplemented by purchases, as well as weeded materials from public libraries. The Royal Danish Library is a key supplier of materials to the Danish public, research and corporate libraries. Every year we lend more than 500,000 items to Danish libraries and continuously purchase materials requested by the Danish public

Competence centre for document procurement

The Royal Danish Library is the competence centre for interlibrary loans. We specialise in procuring physical materials, books, articles, newspapers, CDs, and DVDs from other libraries around the world. We search library databases and other sources around the world to find and procure materials that we do not have ourselves. We are specialists in finding the globe’s fastest and best suppliers of materials for Danish libraries and their users. We continuously share our specialist knowledge and experience with libraries and library staff members throughout Denmark via networks and newsletters.

Depot library

The Royal Danish Library receives copies of Danish monographs and music notes weeded from Danish public libraries. This also includes, to some extent, further culture-bearing materials. These materials complement the national collection with copies for lending in the national and international lending collaboration. Public libraries use the Royal Danish Library’s digital client E-depot during the weeding process to decide whether to send the items to the Royal Library.

The Danish Library Centre for Integration

The Royal Danish Library supports Danish libraries’ efforts to serve refugees and immigrants. The Danish Library Centre for Integration offers public libraries a wide range of services to support the integration and cultural servicing of refugees and immigrants. For example, we offer physical materials on the most widely used minority languages in Denmark, dissemination support, language stimulation, procurement help, etc. Furthermore, the Danish Library Centre for Integration has films, music and books in more than 10 languages.

World Library

By accessing the website (meaning World Library), all citizens can freely stream music and films in more than 10 different languages, supplemented with reviews of films, books, and music. The music and films can be experienced on whereas the books can be borrowed at Danish public libraries. offers and disseminates culture and is targeted at language minorities, and is thus the Royal Danish Library’s digital service to refugees and immigrants. We offer this website as a free service to public libraries as part of the Royal Danish Library’s superstructure function.

Media Stream Public Library

This service offers unlimited access to five million digitised historical newspaper pages. The newspapers are Danish and cover the period from 1918 to 2001. The articles appear in their “original environment” of time-related articles and adverts. The service is subscription based and aimed at Danish public libraries. It gives citizens access to the historical newspapers on all computers at the library’s public branches within the library’s home municipality.

Digital Article Service

The Digital Article service is a subscription service that gives Danish public library users an easy way to order digitised articles from the Royal Danish Library’s collection of physical periodicals and journals via the national joint library portal The articles are delivered directly to the user’s email.

Scientific Articles

“Scientific Articles” is a self-service system which, via the Danish joint library portal, provides library users with printed articles sent by post for the user to pick up at a library of the users’ own choice. The service covers several hundred million scientific articles and provides access to content, which was previously reserved for college students and research staff. Originally the articles are stored digitally but by being ordered via “Scientific Articles” they are transformed into print.

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