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Choose a favourite pick-up location

The library system lets you decide for yourself exactly where you would like to pick up your material.

The search system has a number of functions that help you choose the pick-up location that best suits your needs. The most important function is the favourite pick-up location. You can use this to define where you would like to pick up your material as a general rule. You can see the list of possible pick-up libraries in the search interface when you order material.

Until you have chosen a location, you must normally pick up material at The Royal Danish Library, and you can choose to continue doing so if this suits you best.

When you request material, it will normally be quicker to pick it up at the library that holds the material.

Employees at Aarhus University

If you are an employee at Aarhus University, please contact the local library staff if you would like to have books delivered from your local Aarhus University library to your office.