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Loan period and fees

On January 1, 2017, the State and University Library in Aarhus and The Royal Library in Copenhagen merged. The institutions will be collectively known as the Royal Danish Library.

The standard loan period is one month unless otherwise stated. You receive a reminder by e-mail three days before you need to return material. You only receive first and second overdue notices when the loan period has expired and you must pay a fee. However, the reminder is not a condition for the subsequent collection of a fee. We send it to you as part of our service.

You can renew loans of material from The Royal Danish Library / Aarhus University Library for up to one year, after which you must return the material regardless of the date you last renewed it. However, you can only renew an item if nobody else has reserved it.

Fees and damages

The size of the fee depends on the number of books and other material you have borrowed. The fee is DKK 25 per item for returns 7–30 days after the due date and DKK 50 per item for delays of 31 days or more.

If you fail to return borrowed material or return it in a damaged condition, you must reimburse any costs incurred by the library to repurchase or repair the material.

If we are unable to repurchase the material, you must pay an amount corresponding to the estimated price of the material (determined by the library that owns the material) as well as a fee (in accordance with Act no. 340 of 17 May 2000 on Library Activities).

Replacements are subject to a handling fee of DKK 150 per item.

If a patron owes the library more than DKK 200 the right to borrow library materials will be suspended temporarily until the fine has been paid, either completely or partially. The borrower will receive a notice regarding the suspension when checking out new materials.

If a patron has failed to handle library materials with proper care the patron may be excluded from checking out new materials. Exclusion can also take place if the total amount due exceeds DKK 200. The patron will be notified seven days before the exclusion takes effect.

If the a patron fails to return an item, or if it has been damaged while in his or her care, he or she must pay all expenses related to the repurchase or repair of the item. The patron can choose to purchase a new copy of the item in question and give that copy to the library in compensation - but as a rule the new copy and the lost or damaged item must be identical.

In case a lost or damages item is returned after the library has purchased a replacement AU Library/ The Royal Danish Library will refund the compensation price within a period of six months from the date the compensation claim was made. Under special circumstances AU Library/The Royal Danish Library may choose to refund the compensation price even though the period of six months has expired.

We send regular reminders to borrowers with outstanding amounts that are more than a month overdue.


You can pay fees and any subsequent damages as follows:

  1. Go to Your loans and see which part of any library debts you can pay online (currently fees only). We accept all common credit cards.
  2. We can send you an invoice.
  3. Go to the Information Centre at the State and University Library. We are open on weekdays 9.00-18.00 and Saturdays 11.00-14.00.

If you find the material, The Royal Danish Library will refund the amount paid for damages when you return it. However, we do not refund fees.

Please also note that any fees you owe for materials belonging to other libraries at Aarhus University can also be paid online. As regards reimbursement fees, however, the different libraries may have individual payment terms. We would therefore refer you to the library that owns the material if you are unable to pay online.

Employees at Aarhus University

Special rules regarding fees and the return of material apply if you are an employee at Aarhus University. The loan period is still one month, after which you must either return the material or renew it via our website. However, the deadline for employees is longer than the standard seven days.